We don’t need to invent stories.
We are happy to tell the existing ones.

We love our job

We do with passion all you can see. Our job is our passion, our passion is our job.

Perfect Details

We choose to care about the T-shirt design rather than buy an already made one. We got this choice because we’re unique, as you are.

We are unique

We looked at what we like in the markets, we took pictures and we printed them on our T-shirts.


We like to touch thinks with our hands. Our hyper realistic prints are made to be touched. Our product is real and made to be tested, handled, used and used again. We concentrate quality in simplicity and we take care of every item as if it were a little garden.


Our T-shirts are ready-to-wear. An urge purchase, like the last thing you put in the cart before you go to the cash. A snap shot printed directly from the phone, a fleecy Instagram story, falling in love in the metro, a last-minute dinner invitation.


Italy is the starting and ending point. Everything is conceived and realized in Italy, where we grown up with our granny bringing us to the city market, where you could buy meat at the butchery and the fruit stand is the most interesting topic of the neighbourhood gossip.
We like the hint of reality that makes unique places and things.


We are interested in normality, you just have to change your point of view; we wear multicolour magnifying glass to watch better the word around us. We borrow everyday abstraction and an easy and immediate language.


You are special, whoever you are; you just have to choose what you like the most. There aren’t subliminal messages. Sometimes, simple things are the hardest to explain: of course, the T-shirt with sardines is just a T-shirt with sardines, and we love sardines, the fresh ones with a bit of lemon…and you, what you like?